Paired Reading

Ms Mulcahy and Ms Regan’s class have been busy doing some paired reading over the last few weeks and have really been enjoying it! Each pupil from 1st to 3rd  class is paired up with a pupil from Junior and Senior Infants and they take turns reading.

Paired reading gives both classes the opportunity to spend some extra time reading and practice our good reading skills.

There are lots of benefits for each partner! Junior and Senior Infants get to practice their reading, and also get to listen to an interesting story. The 1st to 3rd Class pupils get to practice reading for an audience, so they have to use their best reading voice to keep their listener interested!! We had great fun reading with our new friends.


Paired reading can also be done at home with your child. Research has shown that children who do paired reading with their parents show huge reading improvement. Reading allows children to choose interesting material, to control the amount of help they get from their parent and to be praised for success. Above all, regular reading improves accuracy, pace, fluency, and confidence.  

  • Allow your child to choose his own book/comic etc. 
  • Ensure the text is neither too difficult nor under-challenging.
  • Sit side by side so both of you can see the book.
  • Begin by reading the text together. Adjust your speed and rhythm so that you are both reading in-time together. You should correct any errors or stops by modelling the correct pronunciation of the appropriate word.
  • When your child is ready to read alone, they should tap you on the arm.
  • If your child gets a word incorrect, don’t let them struggle for more than 5 seconds. Just tell your child the word. Then allow them to read it correctly and praise them for it.
  • Discuss the story afterwards.

We hope you find the above helpful and enjoy the experience of sharing in your child’s learning.