Proclamation Day

We celebrated Proclamation Day along with the rest of the country on March 15th.  It was a very special event where we proudly raised the Irish flag and sang our national anthem.

We discussed the history of our national flag and the seven signatories of the proclamation.

The children then read out the original proclamation, followed by our school’s proclamation that was written by our senior room. This was a lovely exercise where the children thought deeply about their hopes and dreams for our country into the future.  Please see what they wrote below:

The children and staff of Scoil Aonghusa C.N.S. on behalf of the all men, women and children who call Ireland their home, would like to acknowledge the sacrifices made by our ancestors for the free and independent Ireland of today. We are proud of our nation and how far we have come in 100 years. 

Scoil Aonghusa C.N.S. guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities of all its students, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole community and of all its parts, cherishing all the children of the school equally. We declare the following to be our Proclamation for the future.

We want Ireland to have a fair healthcare system, to which everyone has equal access. Hospitals need to provide for the sick that are waiting for hospital beds. We believe that anyone who needs it should be entitled to the best treatment available. Mental health is another serious issue that needs to be highlighted. It plays a very important part in a person’s well-being and needs to be promoted as such. We hope that everyone will follow a healthy lifestyle that can help promote a positive attitude towards health.

We declare the right to an equal and fair Ireland, regardless of age, gender, appearance, education or nationality. One hundred years ago our ancestors fought for the freedom of Ireland so that we could make our own decisions and now it is up to us to make the best decisions for the future generations who deserve the best lives they can live. Everybody should be treated with love, respect and equality. Together we can stop people from being excluded and give people the love and respect that they deserve.  We also feel that it is important here to discuss bullying issues.  Whether it’s physical, verbal, emotional or cyber bullying, everyone should have someone to turn to for help. We declare Ireland as a place intolerant of inequality and bullying.

Ireland is famous for its beauty and majestic scenery but due to pollution, global warming is becoming a serious matter. We can prevent this by recycling and using renewable sources of energy more often. Scoil Aonghusa C.N.S. participates in the Green Schools scheme that promotes the importance of caring for our environment. In our school, we strive to keep our environment and local communities clean by reducing the amount of litter and emissions we produce, by recycling more, using renewable forms of energy and by using alternative modes of transport.

In recent years, homelessness levels have soared in many of Ireland’s major towns and cities. We need to build more emergency accommodation and set up a system to assist people in rebuilding their lives. Everyone is entitled to have a roof over their head and we, as citizens of Ireland, must help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Refugees from other countries should be welcomed into Ireland and be given an opportunity to start a new life here.  In the past, our ancestors have left Ireland to find a better life abroad. Now it is our turn to play a part in helping those who have to leave their countries.

Education is vitally important to the continued development of our great nation. We cherish all of our children equally and so we want to provide for them a proper Education system that will give each one of them the opportunity to reach their full. We need to nurture and educate the children of today, so they can become the leaders of tomorrow.

Each and every one of us must strive to preserve our national identity namely our rich heritage, language, music and dance. We will continue to celebrate our unique games: hurling, football, camogie and handball. Our native tongue is a fundamental part to our culture and our desire is that it will continue to flourish. Mar a deir an seanfhocal: “Tír gan teanga, Tír gan anam”.

We, the pupils of Scoil Aonghusa C.N.S. declare that all of us who call Ireland our home must unite in order to tackle these problems. It is our hope that future generations of Ireland will see the benefit of a better Ireland for all.

Signed on Behalf of Scoil Aonghusa C.N.S.