Scoil Aonghusa C.N.S. Students say Cockadoodledoo!!

As the new school year opened, Scoil Aonghusa CNS pupils returned to school and had a visit from some chickens that they had hatched as chicks and reared in the school in June. The school was awarded the Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths School of Excellence Award last year. Science and Maths Education is a priority for the school as they prepare their students for second level science pathways. One of the projects that the school undertook was ‘Chick Rearing’, this project brought nature, biology and animal husbandry to the classroom. The excitement in the school in June was infectious with all classes being involved in the management of the project and care of the chicks. The school partnered with the school hatching program Cock-a-doodle-doo which brings fertilized eggs to schools with all necessary equipment so that students can see chicks being hatched in their classrooms. 5 fertilized eggs were successfully hatched in an automatic incubator and reared in a heated box for a week. The students were responsible for the care, cleaning and monitoring of the chicks and their housing during that period. At the end of the week, which happened to be the last day of school, the students said goodbye to the chicks who spent the summer on a student’s family farm. By the beginning of the new school year it was clear to see that 4 out of the 5 chicks are hybrid roosters and will be moving on to other homes. In the meantime, pupils are busy picking a name for the Bantam hen and hope that she will visit the school again soon. This project is due to run again this year during the summer term. To see an exciting video of the last chick hatching click on the link


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