Scoil Aonghusa C.N.S. students take part in GAA skills test

Well done to Tadhg, Alex & Liam who took part in the Cork Coaching & Games GAA skills test on Thursday afternoon. Their skills were measured on a team basis while participating in 5 different tests. These were:

Zig-Zag Solo:

Players had to solo around 7 cones at intervals of 4 metres apart and angles of 45 degrees to the previous cone in a zig zag formation. The player had to use their right leg to solo as they pass a cone to the right and their left foot as they pass a cone to the left.

Pick up and Punt Kick for Goal

Each player had to run to the 20 metre line and pick up a stationary ball. They then ran towards the 13 metre line and before reaching that line had to punt kick the ball under the crossbar and over the goal line without the ball touching the ground. The player had to kick the ball while on the move. The skill was performed  with both the dominant and non-dominant leg (3 times with each leg)

Free Kick

Each player had to free kick the ball from either the ground or hand and from outside the 20 metre line so as to pass over the crossbar.

Catch and Hook Kick

The player stood on the 20 metre line facing away from the goal. A ball was thrown for the player to catch above their head before turning. The player had to then turn and hook kick the ball over the bar with the dominant leg while on the move. The skill was performed from the edge of the D (either side) and from the middle of the goals on the 20 metre line. The skill was performed  with both the dominant and non-dominant leg (3 times with each leg)


Run, Pick Up and Fist Pass

Each player had to run and least 4 metres to a stationary ball on the 13 metre line; pick up into hands, keep moving forward within the rules, and from outside the small parallelogram, fist pass the ball over the crossbar. The skill was performed once with the dominant hand and once with the non-dominant hand.


Our team performed very well on the day against some stiff competition from the other teams. The boys gave a great account of themselves and represented Scoil Aonghusa C.N.S. with pride. A hurling skills competition will follow in May.

After school GAA training will resume with Mr.Buckley after the Easter holidays.