Working with clay in 4th/5th/6th – “Our clay heads”

Our theme for this particular week was “Myself” and as part of our Visual Arts lesson, the children observed some of the work completed by Michelangelo, Rodin and Picasso. They took particular note of the different facial expressions presented in the artwork and we discussed how the artists could have brought about this portrayal in their pieces.

The children felt their own heads and faces, noting how the nose grows out of the face; the form of the lips and the ears, and especially how the cheeks fall back to the ears so that the face is not set on a flat surface but on a curving one. Their attention was also drawn to how the eye is a ball set in a hollow and protected by the lid, which echoes the contour of the eyeball.

Taking heed to all these observations, the children took the view that “anything Michelangelo can do….I can do too”. Therefore, there was only one thing for it and that was to let them at it!

I think they certainly did themselves justice when looking at their complete pieces….

img_3026 img_3028 img_3029 img_3030 img_3033 img_3034 img_3035 img_3038 img_3040 img_3042 img_3043 img_3044 img_3045 img_3046 img_3048 img_3049 img_3051 img_3052 img_3054 img_3055 img_3056 img_3057